How to use a Prepaid Credit Card in a Kiosk

A mobile money kiosk enables people to use their credit cards to make small purchases without carrying cash. Unlike a normal credit card that accrues balance against its limit with every item you purchase, prepaid credit cards do not come with additional costs.

Prepaid Card Basics

Prepaid credit cards are some of the most widely accepted types of credit cards in the U.S., which makes them attractive options for people looking for flexibility when purchasing goods and paying for services. Prepaid credit cards allow users to withdraw money from kiosks and pay bills without increasing debt or adding interest to their balance. Like other types of credit cards, you must transfer funds to the card to use it and can only spend as much as the amount transferred onto the card. Prepaid credit cards are not really considered credit cards because they do not allow the holder to borrow against a credit limit. You can reload funds on your prepaid credit card at stores and kiosks across the country.


The main benefit of a prepaid card is that it offers a convenient means of making payments like a normal credit card without incurring credit card balances. Another advantage of a prepaid credit card is that it forces people to limit their spending since they cannot spend more than the amount they load on their cards. This may be an important benefit for impulse buyers. Small business owners might search for a kiosk for sale in order to allow their customers to use prepaid cards at their store locations.


Prepaid cards enable people to spend funds up to the balance of their accounts. Many people prefer to use prepaid credit cards because most of them do not charge fees for use and users can transfer money directly into checking accounts associated with the credit cards so that they can start using the money immediately without loading it into different accounts.

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