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Kiosk Prepaid offers a wide array of services which clearly sets us apart from our competition.




  • Every Household in the U.S. pays at least 2-3 forms of bills on a monthly basis. A vast majority of the un-banked consumers pay their bills in cash (500 million + transactions annually.)

  • Kiosk Prepaid can pay any bill whether utility or other in the U.S. The consumer simply scans their bill into the Kiosk and enters their payment. Bills of any kind can be paid same day or 2-3 days standard depending on what delivery method the consumer chooses. The Kiosk Prepaid method is much simpler and more secure than the consumer mailing in their payment.


  • ATM’s have been around for decades and are a staple of the World Economy. Inaddition to all of its services, Kiosk Prepaid provides traditional ATM services.

Total Average of Transactions per ATM Machine 900 Average ATM Withdrawal $60

Total Percent Sales will Increase by installing ATM 20%

Total Percent more that ATM users will spend than Non-ATM users 23%

Average times the typical ATM user will visit an ATM per month 7.4

Total Number of ATM Machines currently in use 2.2 million

  • Kiosk Prepaid takes the best of all worlds by offering the consumer the ability to receive funds from a traditional ATM transaction and spend it at the same time on important financial products such as bill pay or wire transfer or phone communications. This service also allows the location to maximize their space by allowing for a single unit and gives the consumer spending power at the location.



  • The United States is the largest source of international remittances and electronic fund transfers amounting to over $50 billion annually since 2010. Worldwide electronic fund transfers are estimated at over $440 billion per year.
  • India, China & Mexico are the top three remittance receiving countries, with over $130 billion in annual flows. According to the Federal Reserve, consumers prefer nonbank money transmitters for sending remittance/electronic transfers.

  • Kiosk Prepaid offers its consumers the ability to send money to Latin America as well as Europe, Africa and Asia. We have teamed up with leading companies to not only offer access but do so at a very competitive exchange rate and fee to the consumer.


  • Nearly 50% of all US consumers claimed to have purchased a gift card. Over $66 Billion is spent on gift cards annually. 93% of U.S. consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually.

  • Not only does the Kiosk Prepaid offering sell gift cards, it also purchases gift cards from consumers as well as sells discounted and full value gift cards!

  • Kiosk Prepaid sells a wide array of full value gift cards from major retailers. This is controlled by location so that the consumer can gain maximum value in purchasing the gift card for retailers in their specific area. Kiosk Prepaid also sells discounted cards where as a consumer can get a major retailer card at a discount. Every day, real time feeds are uploaded to the kiosk allowing the consumer to purchase a card of their choice.

  • Kiosk Prepaid purchases direct from discount aggregator’s which allow for Kiosk Prepaid to sell cards at a discount giving the consumer even greater savings.

  • What set’s Kiosk Prepaid apart? Not only will the kiosk sell cards to consumers, it will purchase cards as well. Kiosk Prepaid gives consumers the ability sell their unwanted or unused gift cards directly though the kiosk and receive payment instantly thus tapping a massive gift card purchase market.


  • Unlike a traditional debit card linked to the Consumer’s bank account which required a bank balance, the instant issue pre-paid debit card allows the consumer to load a debit card with cash for immediate spending in a location.

  • The number of pre-paid transactions increased from 1.8 billion in 2009 to over 3 billion and is growing by over 30% per year.
  • Retail purchases (with prepaid) exceeded $100 billion, or nearly 4% of all retail transactions.
  • Kiosk Prepaid will afford consumers the opportunity to purchase a live instant access debit card directly from the kiosk. Consumers can then use the card for shopping, paying bills, direct deposit payroll and an array of other uses. The Consumer will then be issued a signature/pin based debit card in the mail with their name on it and can visit the kiosk to re-load the card.

PHONE/CALLING CARDS (Pre-paid domestic/international)

  • Kiosk Prepaid taps into the multi-billion dollar market allowing consumers to participate in their daily lives by calling family and friends world-wide.

  • “Calling Cards” allow Domestic or international calls with no bills, statements, or credit checks and is often times much cheaper than long distance providers or local phone carriers and can be used from any phone anywhere. Consumers can even load phones in other Countries.

  • Kiosk Prepaid not only offers over 300 brands of airtime, it does it electronically. No more need for a physical piece of plastic. Airtime is loaded directly onto the phone or issued through a receipt to load onto a phone.

  • ATM’s are a staple of the financial system. Hundreds of thousands of transactions occur daily.
  • The Kiosk Prepaid model blends the power of the ATM with the power of prepaid.
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