Business Strategies That Will Maintain Business Growth

If you are starting your own small business or are looking for a side stream of income, one exciting way to start is by purchasing a prepaid kiosk for sale and setting it up in a shopping mall. You can display your products in a way that attracts the attention of passersby and gets them to stop and make a purchase. These display techniques can help you to make the most of your kiosk space.


The most important part of your display is the signage. You need to create a compelling sign that can be seen by customers when they are within 40 feet of your kiosk. The sign should attract their attention, be easy to read and inform them of what you have for sale. Avoid features like blinking lights or colors that are too bright or too dim to be read from a distance, such as yellow and orange.

Use Your Space Wisely

Once you have the attention of potential customers, you need to make sure that they notice your top product offerings. Make sure your kiosk is open, accessible and is placed in a high traffic area. Location is everything!

Greeting Customers

Your interaction with customers is also an important part the kiosk experience. If possible have brand ambassadors at your kiosk promoting your service. Or, ensure that you have valuable promotions that your customer will want to use. You only have 1 time to make a great impression.

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