Kiosks Help Grow Businesses

ATM machines were among the first financial services kiosk options available for public use. Over the years, more and more automated technologies began appearing. Mass merchandisers implemented self-checkout aisles; Redbox machines enabled consumers to quickly and easily rent movies. Fast food eateries, movie theaters and other business have already made the switch with some fascinating results. While providing a convenience to consumers, kiosks hold a wealth of benefits for the companies that use them.

Kiosks Benefit Businesses

Business reports and studies suggest that kiosks have interesting benefits for companies. Kiosks provide consumers with 24/7 availability and the opportunity to make personalized choices. These options strangely encourage consumers to spend more money. When Cinemark theaters and Taco Bell decided to implement kiosks for the benefit of customers, the companies saw a dramatic increase in revenues. Taco Bell in particular saw sales increase by 20 percent.

Additional Advantages

Appropriately designed kiosks stand out as unique and visually appealing, which increases the chance to create a noticeable presence in any location. Kiosks are designed to immediately attract interest, which ultimately increases sales. Kiosks also allow businesses to have a larger footprint by expanding their ability to reach customers outside of a traditional brick and mortar business location. The technology provides simple and effective customer service while saving companies money by having the option to reduce their overall workforce or better allocate that workforce to more important tasks. Kiosks are also easily updated or upgraded from a central location when needed. Kiosks are safe and secure and maintain a high degree of cash control, cannot be robbed, and don't accept counterfeit currency.

Psychology Behind Kiosk Purchases

According to several studies quoted in the Harvard Business Review one of the factors behind the kiosk appeal involves the decreased level of social interaction. When making food purchases, for example, consumers are free to make numerous choices without feeling guilty when having to face another human being. Kiosks also enable customers to make direct ordering decisions without misinterpretation, which reduces service times and time spent waiting in line. 

However, there are three characteristics that kiosks must integrate to ensure consumer appeal. The technology must effectively demonstrate simplicity of use. The kiosk must also function in its expected capacity. Lastly, consumers must believe that the kiosk offers more of a benefit compared to interacting with a real-life person.

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